The Positron Emission Tomography image in the middle shows enhanced activity when you are excited. When you resist a stimulus the brain activity may become dulled or even muted. It reaches a peak however, when you are willing and aligned (A in graph.) Guided meditation promotes coherence and alignment, naturally optimizing life energy and a sense of well-being.

One of the significant benefits of guided meditation is coherence. Coherence in the quantum world manifests as alignment in the ordinary world, resulting in reduced stress and less internal chatter, which in turn makes more free energy available to life and to the numerous auto-pilots in the body.
Increased Quality of Life in the ordinary world, then, has such humble beginnings in the quantum world! Even so, we lack expertise in promoting coherence. Hence guided.

"Thank you for the wonderful meditation on Tuesday night.  I appreciate this way of meditating."      - Eva

"Since QBGM started, I have had a major resurgence of dreams!"        - John

"I always look forward to Tuesday night's scheduled QB Guided Meditation. Like a child with a bedtime deadline, I walk my dog, shower, get in my jammies, & get in bed perfectly on schedule for check-in time. When I mute the phone I turn out the lamps, get into position & wait for the meditation to begin. And then begin a wonderful & loving visitation with the marvelously loving individual parts of me, generously loving each & every gifted part. Yes, Tuesday night is like a date with me that I look forward to & so appreciate! Thank you!"        - Beverly

I had no clue how to meditate. QBGM has changed all that. I don my headset, relax in a comfortable chair, and be carried away by a soft spoken, inspirational and gentle guide. I already notice how calm and peaceful I am lately!
Best investment in myself."   -  Chuck

"As the figures at left show, I love MRI, fMRI, CT and PET - and have worked as a scientist in these medical imaging modalities since inception.  Arising from the work of thousands of scientists we can now surmise that the onset of body sensations is the result of a flood of quantum effects such as tunneling,  entanglement, and the grand unified field. More than neuroplasticity, this is pure creation (figure)  QBGM uses our body as a raft to navigate the quantum waters, and the Unified Field."  (see FaceBook: QBGM)     - Tom Padikal, Ph.D., Conceiver and Architect, QBGM

"I have enjoyed QB Guided Meditation for a year. Every now and then I reflect on my life - I am much happier and more peaceful compared to the past. I even got confirmation from a friend whom I had not seen for a while, and she noticed right away how much calmer I was, and how I have less drama in my life!"      - Sandra 

"I love, love QBGM. I reach a depth where I feel a deep love and appreciation for every cell, every organ and all that has me be who I am. I can say with confidence this is life altering and I feel blessed to be participating in this sacred class.
(And I am not being a guy in the diner about this)"        - Dorothy


Participation as a QBGM guide has altered my entire way I'm being. My level of vitality is such that my 9 year old grandchild tells friends my G-mom is 40! Whawhoo!!      - Tina Marie

"I have been participating in the QBGM since Jan 20. I have taken QB and QBC Online classes and they have deepened the experience for me. I love the check-in. It enables me to transition quickly and effectively into my inner world. The act of closing my eyes when I check-in seems to make my inner world much brighter and clearer. I'm excited to have distinctions of my inner world."      - Dee

Note: When you close your eyes and focus on AJNA, the third eye CHAKRA, energy rushes toward that point, illuminating your field of consciousness. Ajna is eye of the soul. It's also the cosmic browsing center from where you can download cosmic wisdom or upload peace and love to the universe  --  TP, Meditation Guide

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